Help us champion the cause of the next generation of STEAM on April 27,2019 at Renaissance West STEAM Academy from 11-1230pm.
We are partnering with the Young Professionals Urban League for AWFE/Community Day STEAM Field Day. The goal and purpose of this event aligns flawlessly with our goal to increase the awareness of the opportunities available through education in the STEAM fields and to shatter myths about minorities in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.
Here’s how you can help! I am looking for hands on STEAM projects geared towards elementary and middle schoolers that can be completed at home, corporate branded giveaways like spinners, pens, note pads, school supplies…etc
[Ex of project: DIY Balloon Race Car with instructions] 
At the Field Day we will be providing a STEAM DIY Kits of projects for the students to take Home to help continue to foster the interest and development of our youth. The STEAM DIY Kit will host items that have been donated or sponsored and will include corporate branded giveaways and STEAM activities with instructions the kids can do at home as well as the items listed above. We will like to fill about 150-200 bags.
We would love to get your creative ideas but monetary donations will also be accepted.
Lastly whether you contribute ideas for the STEAM DIY Kit or make a monetary donation we would love for you to bring your family and support our future STEAM leaders.


Bookings are closed for this event.